UAB Ruvis (Vilnius): Цена лома меди - Медзь | Price change 

UAB Ruvis (Vilnius): Цена лома меди | Медзь | Price change

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UAB Ruvis
Cash for scrap metal Vilnius city. The principal activities of the enterprise include engrossment, processing and export of ferrous and nonferrous metal scrap. We may offer metal scrap transportation services to you. We transport metal scrap of various sizes and weights. We’ll come to the location specified by you, load the scrap upon using the own forces and equipment. Our trucks are equipped with lift cranes. We provide services according to a previous agreement and select a vehicle upon taking into account the quantity and the sizes of metal scrap to be transported. Apply to our specialists to order metal scrap transportation services. Duly sorted metal scrap is provided a top purchase