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Reteko Iisalmi 17483/1

Kierrätyskatu 37
Iisalmi, Finlande
044 747 8301
I - IV 08:00 – 16:30
Scrap metal price Finland, Iisalmi city. It is easy and quick to arrive at our office. Our opening hours are also planned so that you can conveniently bring scrap to us, for example after work. The hall is also a convenient and safe environment, no large machines that dodge or burst tires. Now you can get rid of scrap metal effortlessly and quickly. You don’t have to shave a junk load for miles, unless you want to. Reteko picks up, buys and recycles all kinds of scrap metals from side to side. Feel free to ask for more if the quality of the material or anything else in our service makes you think. You can bring scrap metals with your own car. We will pay the daily price to your account without any additional billing. We have no weighing fees. Order the service you need directly from our website, ask more from our experts or do business at our scrap yard. Recycle scrap cars and other end-of-life vehicles and give them a new life! When properly recycled, scrap vehicles are much more valuable than lying in the backyard or on the edge of the forest as useless collateral. We take care of the entire scrapping and recycling bin, including paperwork, for you. You can trust that we will remove your vehicle from the register according to the official formula. You will receive a scrapping certificate from us, which releases you from all responsibilities related to the vehicle, such as taxes and insurance premiums. Reteko is the official pick-up point for scrap cars, which means we are part of the Autokierättin network. In addition to scrap cars, we also accept other vehicles, such as motorcycles and sleds, ATVs, tractors, work machines and trailers. We accept loads of scrap metal and scrap metal of all sizes. So what is a small and what is a large scrap batch? By a small scrap batch, we mean a load of less than 1,000 kg, which gradually accumulates, for example, in households. Scrap metal includes, for example, old copper pipes removed during home renovations, a dead car battery, a rusted bicycle, a gas grill, a ladder, a roof sheet, aluminum rims, old boilers, empty paint cans or a boat engine. It doesn't matter if the scrap metal also contains non-metallic parts, such as wood or plastic. Copper is one of the most recycled non-ferrous metals, which is used for example as water pipes and electrical conductors. Most of the copper used in Europe is obtained from recycling. With Reteko, recycling scrap copper is worthwhile, because we pay a good price for it. In addition, selling copper to us is very easy. Our customers operate all over Finland, and with the help of recycling boxes, we collect scrap copper from our customers nationwide. You can recognize a lead-acid battery by the Pb marking and lithium batteries by the Li marking. In addition, the batteries have a warning sign. The most harmful substance in the battery of a combustion engine car is lead, which is a heavy metal. Batteries also contain highly corrosive sulfuric acid, which is dangerous for both the environment and health. During transport, care must be taken to ensure that battery acid does not leak into the environment.