PHU Metal Marcin Pomian visits66101

ul. Przytorowa 16 - 400
Suwałki, पोलैंड
I - V 06:00 - 16:00, VI 06:00 - 14:00
[email protected]
Scrap metal yard in Poland. Purchase of scrap metal in Suwałki, Poland. Purchase of non-ferrous metals, incl. cans, copper, aluminum, brass and others. Purchase of steel and cast iron scrap. We buy batteries, catalysts, DPF filters and monolith from catalysts. Utility scrap is scrap that can be used for purposes other than remelting it. It is sold by scrap yards and collection points at the request of their customers. Trade in scrap takes place at scrap collection points and scrap yards. Large suppliers of scrap are, for example, producers from the metal industry, machinery, machinery and equipment as well as means of transport. The municipalities are also suppliers of scrap (waste segregation). Scrap metal collection can be a source of income for private individuals.
Currency converter
पीतल/कांस्य स्क्रैप की कीमत
3.391 €/kg price down
Price change Mosiądz żółty
3.39 €/kg price down
Price change Chłodnice mosiężne
3.178 €/kg price down
Price change Mosiądz biały
लीड स्क्रैप की कीमत
1.272 €/kg no changes
Price change Ołów czysty
स्क्रैप एल्यूमीनियम की कीमतें
2.119 €/kg price down
Price change Aluminium elektryczne(linka i sektor)
1.483 €/kg price down
Price change Felgi aluminiowe
0.955 €/kg price down
Price change Puszki aluminiowe (UWAGA!!! Nic nie odliczamy, nie odliczamy 5% na zanieczyszczenia).
0.955 €/kg price up
Price change Aluminium odlew
0.955 €/kg price up
Price change Aluminium plastyka
0.636 €/kg price down
Price change Chłodnice aluminiowe
स्क्रैप तांबे की कीमत
5.933 €/kg price down
Price change Miedż Milbera
5.722 €/kg price down
Price change Miedź
5.722 €/kg price down
Price change Miedź świecąca
0.53 €/kg price up
Price change Silniki elektryczne
0.53 €/kg no changes
Price change Alternatory
स्क्रैप धातु की कीमत
0.276 €/kg no changes
Price change Złom żeliwny
0.255 €/kg price down
Price change Złom stalowy ciężki
स्क्रैप बैटरी
0.551 €/kg price up
Price change Akumulatory samochodowe
स्क्रैप स्टेनलेस स्टील की कीमत
0.636 €/kg price down
Price change Stal nierdzewna

* - Specify prices directly with the buyer! Available inaccuracies of currency conversion.