P.U.H. DAN-KON (Warszawa): ステンレス 買取 価格 - ステンレス鋼 | Price change 

P.U.H. DAN-KON (Warszawa): ステンレス 買取 価格 | ステンレス鋼 | Price change

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Scrap metal yard in Poland, Warsaw city. The company P.U.H. DAN-KON has been operating on the Warsaw market since 2002. Our mission is to collect, transport and ultimately recycle raw materials. We hope that our activities will contribute at least a little to the improvement of the environment. We operate throughout Warsaw and its vicinity. We provide the services offered on time, reliably and reliably. Our company is run by professional staff with many years of experience in the industry. We offer convenient terms and payment terms. We have high prices of all raw materials every day at our purchases. We buy gel, lead and lead-acid batteries. When selling large quantities of batteries, we co