Trans-Met FHU (Lipsko): 混真鍮の買取価格 - 真鍮 | Price change

Trans-Met FHU (Lipsko): 混真鍮の買取価格 | 真鍮 | Price change
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Trans-Met FHU

Scrap metal yard in Poland, Lipsko city. Buy scrap car batteries, scrap ferrous metal, aluminium, copper, brass, bronze, lead & stainless steel. TRANS-MET FHU has been operating in the world of scrap metal since 2010. Initially, it was a one-man business that developed over the years, acquiring new suppliers and recipients. Thus ensuring a stable position in the trade of scrap and non-ferrous metals. Our company is based on the experience and reliability of our employees who constantly participate in the process of improving their qualifications so that our customers are satisfied with the service. Thus, we provide professional advice and assistance in the classification of scrap. TRANS-MET