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STELLMET Sp. z o.o. sp. k. 97653/1

ul. Metalowców 1b
Katowice, Польща
602 744 434
I - V 07:00 - 16:00
Scrap metal yard in Poland, Katowice city.The high demand for strategic metals, such as tungsten or molybdenum, prompted us to create a company that effectively deals with their recovery. Several years of experience and tons of processed scrap pave the way for further development. The speed of action combined with the selection of appropriate methods guarantee the success of our project. Thanks to the implementation of appropriate methods, the purchase of metals can take place throughout the country. We have portable spectrometers at our disposal, which allow for a thorough analysis of the alloy composition. The whole process takes place quickly, reliably and without any problems. The seller has access to the measurement results, on the basis of which the valuation of the material is made. In addition, we have our own transport, with which we are able to collect the material from the customer - anywhere and at any time. In the case of smaller quantities, the Customer can make the transaction by mail order. We have the required permits for all our activities, i.e. collecting, storing and transporting scrap metal. This will provide you with guarantees of sales security. We approach each transaction professionally - buying scrap is done quickly and reliably. We treat each client, whether it is an individual or a company, with due attention and respect. In each case, we are open to long-term cooperation, always connected with mutual benefits. We cooperate with the largest companies in the industry - both in Poland and those located in the European Union. This allows us to constantly develop and improve our qualifications. The skills acquired in this way make us more and more attractive to our clients. We offer our clients, first of all: fast and timely collection of scrap by our own means of transport from anywhere in Poland. Cash payment, attractive prices.
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