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Jašiūnų geležinkelio st.
Šalčininkai, Литва
+370 698 48168
I - V 08:00 - 17:00
Cash for scrap metal Salcininkai city / Scrap metal price Lithuania. Purchase of batteries in Šalčininkai. Purchase of brass. Purchase of aluminum scrap. Purchase of stainless steel scrap. Purchase price of copper. We Buying of end - of - life vehicles we provide scrap metal cutting services; we provide special containers for companies whose production economic activity accumulates metal waste; we perform dismantling works of metal structures; we pick up scrap metal by our own transport; we have the opportunity to offer the customer a car trailer rental for the delivery of scrap metal to the purchase site. We take care of the customer's convenience, therefore we offer the following services: we provide scrap metal cutting services; we perform dismantling works of metal structures; issue certificates of destruction of end-of-life vehicles; the scrap is weighed with compliant electronic scales.
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Ціна алюмінію за 1 кг
1.05 €/кг price up
Price change Aliuminis - skarda
Ціна бу акумуляторів
0.5 €/кг no changes
Price change Šv. akumuliatorių laužas
Ціна латуні за 1 кг
3.8 €/кг price up
Price change Žalvaris
Ціна металолому
0.29 €/кг price up
Price change Negabaritinis plienas 5A
0.25 €/кг price up
Price change Skarda - 12A
0.08 €/кг no changes
Price change Automobilinė skarda - 12M
Plienas 3A (1500x500x500)
Ketus 17A
Ціна міді за 1 кг
6.8 €/кг price up
Price change Varis
Ціна нержавійки за 1 кг
1.3 €/кг price up
Price change Nerūd. plienas 8%Ni-10%Ni

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