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Scrap copper prices going up

2022-01-27, Scrap copper prices

Purchase prices for copper scrap are rising. During January 2022 (until January 26), the price of copper on metal exchanges increased by 2-3%. In the first days of the month, the price of copper was $ 9,700 per ton, and on January 26, the price of copper was $ 9,960 per ton. As the price of copper rose on metal exchanges, so did the purchase prices of copper scrap in various countries. According to the website, the highest price of copper for January 27, 2022 was in Japan - up to 8000 Eur per tonne. Purchase prices for copper scrap vary from country to country and depend mainly on the price of copper on metal exchanges. The price of copper scrap also depends on the buyer's pricing policy, so the same type of copper scrap can be bought at a higher price in one place and at a lower price in another. Copper scrap is

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Scrap copper prices today

2021-12-20, Scrap copper prices

Copper scrap costs almost up to $ 7,700 per ton in Bulgaria. An overview of scrap copper prices based on the information on the website According to scrap metal purchase price information on, the highest price of copper scrap today (20.12.2021) was in Bulgaria. Almost 7700 Eur per ton of copper scrap today cost in Novi Iskar, Bulgaria. Such a price could be offered by a company "Сомедина 7 ООД". Copper scrap prices continued by country as follows: Poland - "JANAR Skup złomu" - copper scrap price 7,696 Eur/kg, Russia - "Вторцветмет-Черноземье" - copper scrap price 7,684 Eur/kg; Belgium - AZ Kabel BV - copper scrap price 7.55 Eur/kg.

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