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Once you know that all your old scrap gold can earn you money it’s a good idea to look around your home for anything unwanted. It is better to gain some much needed extra cash than just having it lying around. There can be items such as gold coins, medallions, watch chains and earrings all mixed up together in odd boxes, trays or purses. This is a good time to have a clear out and have the gold valued. The money from the old gold can come in handy for things that are needed, to pay for bills or to go on that much needed holiday.

There are lots of uses for this unexpected windfall from pieces that otherwise would not be missed.

Cash for gold London.
Unfortunately for us money doesn’t grow on trees but unseen cash may well be hiding away in your drawers or jewellery box! Over the years we can gather all kinds of gold items such as rings, bracelets and chains. Times change and so do styles and designs, sometimes gold jewellery breaks, pieces are lost or damaged and we put them away thinking we will get them fixed. But time passes and before we know it we have a pile of gold items taking up space and not giving any pleasure or joy. However the good news is that on this page you can earn some much needed cash from what may seem like old unwanted items
It’s quick & easy these days to get your gold valued
It may seem like it could be a hassle and time consuming getting a valuation. You could be wondering; how do I go about getting my old gold valued, you’re not sure where to start as you’ve never done it before. But it is really easy to get cash for gold in London. We can give you a free valuation online - all you need to do is request a free postage envelope and send your old gold in and within a few days you get a valuation. Alternatively we will come to you and give you a valuation on the spot; it’s that simple.

Buy beautiful new gold pieces
Another option is that once you have your old gold valued, you can use the money to buy a new gold item that you really love. There are many beautiful and stylish pieces nowadays and we can even design bespoke gold jewellery just for you. This could be something that can be admired by others or even a unique piece that can be passed down in the family.
Whatever you decide to do with your old gold it will be of great benefit and could be something that could make all the difference in the current financial times we are living in. If you live in London we can help! It is much better to get cash for gold than it wasting away or gathering dust. Contact us today and you may be pleasantly surprised at your unexpected pay-out.

How To Sell Your Scrap Gold In London
Our main aim is to buy unwanted scrap gold and give a good price to sellers of unused gold items! Our passion is gold and there is nothing better in life than providing a quality service to our customers. Silver Gold Into Cash have experts wanting to send out free post insured envelopes for you to post your un-needed gold for valuation. Call us today on 020-87511768.
They say that one person’s junk is another person’s treasure! Well that’s very true indeed and all your unwanted and scrap gold is serving no purpose other than gathering dust and hiding away in a corner somewhere. Instead you can find out how much it is worth and earn some money for something that is unwanted!
We Want Your Gold!
One thing that is really important to know is that it doesn’t matter what state the gold is in that is in your possession, as long as it’s real gold and not gold plated or costume jewellery of any kind. We have a warm welcome waiting for all your gold items and jewellery.
Let’s say you’re wearing a piece of beautiful gold jewellery such as a chain or necklace and it might catch on something and breaks. You put it away intending for it to be repaired someday but that day never arrives! Or perhaps the style of the chain or necklace is no longer to your liking. Either way it becomes unwanted scrap gold sitting in a jewellery box or drawer. It can happen too that someone gives you a gift of gold jewellery but it’s not to your taste. We have the answer; get your unwanted gold valued by our London office!
Make Cash From Your Unwanted Scrap Gold
Unwanted doesn’t mean it has no value, so it’s worth getting a free quotation from our expert team. Find a new lucrative home for that old gold such as rings, coins and bangles. Any condition is fine and once your package arrives in our office we will quickly give you a valuation; within 48 hours. Imagine receiving that much needed cheque and what you can do with any extra money coming in from such an unexpected source. We are highly competitive at Silver Gold Into Cash and offer top prices for unwanted gold and scrap gold.
Selling your unwanted gold in London is easy and we can also visit you at home to carry out a free valuation if you live in the M25 corridor. This is an extra special service for our customers who aim to raise money for some specific purpose or just to put cash away for a rainy day!
Time goes by and one day that gold was wanted and needed but now it has gone past its best and we can offer you an option for unwanted scrap or old gold. Check out our services today and be pleasantly suprised at how turning unused gold and items can earn you some much wanted cash!

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