Scrap copper prices today |

Scrap copper prices today


Copper scrap costs almost up to $ 7,700 per ton in Bulgaria. An overview of scrap copper prices based on the information on the website According to scrap metal purchase price information on, the highest price of copper scrap today (20.12.2021) was in Bulgaria. Almost 7700 Eur per ton of copper scrap today cost in Novi Iskar, Bulgaria. Such a price could be offered by a company "Сомедина 7 ООД". Copper scrap prices continued by country as follows: Poland - "JANAR Skup złomu" - copper scrap price 7,696 Eur/kg, Russia - "Вторцветмет-Черноземье" - copper scrap price 7,684 Eur/kg; Belgium - AZ Kabel BV - copper scrap price 7.55 Eur/kg.

  According to LME information, the price of copper did not change much this month (until 20.12.2021) and averaged about $ 9,500 per tonne.

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