Scrap aluminum prices going up | 

Scrap aluminum prices going up


The price of aluminum scrap is rising. In 2022, until January 18, the price of aluminum on metal exchanges increased. In the first days of January, the price of aluminum was about $ 2,800 per ton, and on January 18, the price of aluminum reached $ 3,000 per ton. It can be said that this year, in 3 weeks the price of aluminum increased by about 7-8%. During this period, the purchase prices of aluminum scrap increased accordingly in various countries. There are many types of aluminum scrap, so the prices of aluminum scrap are different.  According to the website, on January 19, 2022, the highest price of aluminum scrap was in Poland - up to 2,600 Euros per kilogram. That was the price for scrap electrical aluminum. Electrotechnical aluminum contains more than 99% aluminum, so the price of such aluminum scrap is high