Scrap Battery price, Latvia

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# Buyer Purchase price Price change Comments Updated Country City
1 SIA Fero M 0.65 Eur/kg.price up Price change Nolietoti svina akumulatori 2020.09.26 - 22:01 Latvia Jelgava
2 Galaksis N 0.53 Eur/ changes Price change Akumulatori 2020.09.28 - 08:34 Latvia Liepāja
3 Metko 0.51 Eur/ changes Price change Akumulatori - svina 2020.09.30 - 16:39 Latvia Ventspils
4 Tolmets Vidzeme 0.5 Eur/ changes Price change Akumulatoru baterijas 2020.09.29 - 19:00 Latvia Smiltene
5 SIA Fero M 0.25 Eur/ changes Price change Akumulatori Ni Cr 2020.09.26 - 22:01 Latvia Jelgava

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BATTERY PURCHASING – is beneficial in several aspects: ecological and financial. Everybody knows how much toxic substances are in batteries and that it is strictly forbidden to get rid of them in anyway and anywhere. Recently recyclers started to buy used batteries and almost all battery components are used for reuse. Metal recyclers buy lead, plastic is bought by plastic recyclers and the acid inside the battery can be used in the production of various other materials. Battery purchasing is available in many countries and only licensed companies can ensure the ecological and legal disposal. The purchase price depends on the price of lead, which is regulated on metal exchanges and varies from store to store and country.