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The Mobile Metals – is Hampshire's leading Scrap Metal Collector, covering Fareham, Portsmouth, Gosport, Havant, Waterlooville, Wickham, Bishop's Waltham and nearby areas. We are fully licensed and reliable scrap metal dealers offering a vast and comprehensive service to the local community.
Mobile Metals was created in 2011 by current managing director Mike Jury with the vision of changing the stigma around scrap metal collection and the industry. Over the years starting from the rag and bone man, scrap metal has gradually become big business. This has resulted in increasing metal thefts, costing the UK economy millions of pounds as people try any way possible to get their hands on metals such as copper and lead. Many businesses and homeowners have been hounded by unscrupulous and unlicensed dealers making them feel uneasy.

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0.2 €/kg price down Price change Σκραπ σιδήρου 2022.11.24 Greece Χαλκίδα
0.17 €/kg price up Price change ΣΙΔΕΡΟ A’ 2022.11.17 Greece Αθήνα (Athens)
0.15 €/kg price up Price change ΣΙΔΕΡΟ Β 2022.11.17 Greece Αθήνα (Athens)
Contacts ΣΙΔΗΡΟΣ 2022.11.21 Greece Αχαρνές

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METAL PURCHASING – – benefits the buyer, seller and the environment. Undoubtedly, our environment has been beautified with the start of the purchase of scrap metal. Buying metal has become a profitable business for buyers and a source of income for those who are looking for scrap metal. Scrap metal can be sold anywhere, and the purchase prices vary due to the purchaser’s pricing policy. Scrap metal prices also depend on the price of the metal on stock exchanges and change frequently. Price changes are influenced by the demand and supply in the market and the most convenient way to find out where to sell metal is using the