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Scrap Metal prices 2024, Sweden

Scrap metal prices are different. Which scrap metal price is higher?


The price of steel scrap, like that of non-ferrous metal scrap, is often not stable and changes frequently. The price of scrap metal mostly depends on the demand for this raw material in the market. The higher the demand for metal in the market, the higher the price of this raw material on metal exchanges. When the price of metal increases in the metal exchanges, the purchase prices of scrap metal also increase.
Scrap metal prices are different in different countries. Information can be found on the Internet that the highest price of scrap metal is in Turkey and has been between 300 - 400 euros per ton for several years.
The price of heavy metal scrap is higher, while the price of thin and light metal scrap is lower. This is due to the higher transportation cost of light metal scrap. For example, car brake discs have a lot of weight and a small volume, so scrap car brake discs always have a high price.

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# Buyer Purchase price City
HF Recycling
0.208 € /kg no changes Åstorp
Falkenberg Recycling AB
0.199 € /kg no changes Falkenberg
Mörarps Metallåtervinning AB
0.173 € /kg price down Ängelholm
Falkenberg Recycling AB
0.173 € /kg no changes Falkenberg
0.165 € /kg no changes Vårgårda
0.087 € /kg no changes Göteborg
Contacts Vårgårda
Skillingaryd Metall
Contacts Skillingaryd
Skillingaryd Metall
Contacts Skillingaryd
Skillingaryd Metall
Contacts Skillingaryd
Steffes Bil o Recykling
Contacts Sösdala
Steffes Bil o Recykling
Contacts Sösdala
Nya Allbilskroten i Norrköping AB
Contacts Norrköping
Lantz Iron & Metal
Contacts Stockholm
Lantz Iron & Metal
Contacts Stockholm

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METAL PURCHASING – – benefits the buyer, seller and the environment. Undoubtedly, our environment has been beautified with the start of the purchase of scrap metal. Buying metal has become a profitable business for buyers and a source of income for those who are looking for scrap metal. Scrap metal can be sold anywhere, and the purchase prices vary due to the purchaser’s pricing policy. Scrap metal prices also depend on the price of the metal on stock exchanges and change frequently. Price changes are influenced by the demand and supply in the market and the most convenient way to find out where to sell metal is using the