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18 October 2021 Copper price change in September - October 2021 Comparing the price of copper with the same period last year (September 17, 2020 - October 15, 2020), the price of copper on metal exchanges is even about 60% higher. The rising price of copper on metal exchanges increases the price of copper scrap accordingly. In these times the price of copper has risen very fast and very much. Today, the price of copper has reached as much as $ 10,600 per tonne. In September alone this year, the price of copper rose by about 12%. The ever-rising price of copper scrap is pleasing copper sellers, but it worries buyers of this metal who use it in production. It is likely that copper-based goods will also become more expensive in the near future. It would be difficult to advise copper scrap sellers to either sell their existing copper scrap or wait for an even higher price. We will try to guess that the price of copper will not increase much until the end of this year, but we will know everything soon
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# Buyer Purchase price Price change Comments Updated Country City
1 6.102 EUR /kg price up Price change Grovkoppar 2021.10.01 Sweden Åstorp
2 2.953 EUR /kg price up Price change Koppar 2021.09.22 Sweden Vårgårda
3 1.969 EUR /kg price up Price change Koppar 2021.10.01 Sweden Göteborg
4 0.787 EUR /kg price up Price change Kopparkabel 2021.10.01 Sweden Göteborg
5 0.492 EUR /kg price up Price change Elmotor 2021.10.01 Sweden Åstorp
6 Contacts Elmotorer 2021.10.03 Sweden Skillingaryd
7 Contacts Koppar Prima 2021.10.03 Sweden Skillingaryd

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COPPER PURCHASING – is financially beneficial. There are plenty of metal buyers in every major city where you can easily sell copper or any other unnecessary items which contain copper. The purchase prices depend on the buyer’s pricing policy, type or quantity and it is also influenced by global metal exchanges. Depending on the supply and demand, the price of copper on exchanges often fluctuates too. In the event of changes in stock exchanges, recyclers of this metal react accordingly by adjusting the purchase prices of copper to the buyers.