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FEMONI Patrycjusz Rygol visits6940

Feliksa Perla 10
Dąbrowa Górnicza, Poland
+48 517 173 231
Pn - Pt 08:00 - 16:00
The company's main scrap warehouse is located in Dąbrowa Górnicza at 10 Perlej Street. There is also a stationary purchase of non-ferrous metals. Our offer of purchase of rare metal scrap is directed not only to individual customers and business entities located within the Silesian Voivodeship, but we are open to nationwide cooperation. We specialize in purchasing rare metal scrap. Among other things, we purchase: steel of tools, high-nickel steels, purchase of stainless steels, purchase of bearing alloys, purchase of nickel, purchase of titanium, purchase of tungsten, purchase of molybdenum, purchase of tantalum, buy vanadium, buy niobium, buy cobalt, buy antimony, buy precious metals, buy silver, buy gold, buy palladium, buy platinum, buy rhodium, buy ferroalloys. Our scrap purchase price is always attractive and on the market. Our purchase of non-ferrous metal scrap is characterized by care for the natural environment. By trading with us, you contribute to the protection of the environment as all metals we buy are transferred to steel mills, where they are re-melted and returned to the market in the form of products
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Scrap aluminum prices
0.649 € /kg price down
Price change Złom aluminium 2021.10.18
Scrap brass prices
3.68 € /kg price up
Price change Złom mosiądzu - żółty 2021.10.18
3.247 € /kg price down
Price change Mosiądz - pobiał 2021.10.18
2.814 € /kg price down
Price change Złom brązu - wióry 2021.10.18
2.165 € /kg price down
Price change Złom mosiądzu - wióry 2021.10.18
Złom brązu - B101, B12, B10 2021.10.18
Złom brązu - niemagnetyczny 2021.10.18
Złom brązu - niesortowany 2021.10.18
Złom brązu - magnetyczny 2021.10.18
Scrap copper prices
5.628 € /kg price down
Price change Miedź - niesort 2021.10.18
5.411 € /kg price down
Price change Złom miedzi - pobiał 2021.10.18
4.329 € /kg price down
Price change Złom miedzi - piecyki 2021.10.18
3.68 € /kg price down
Price change Złom miedzi - wióry 2021.10.18
Złom miedzi - świecąca 2021.10.18
Złom miedzi - millbera 2021.10.18
Scrap lead prices
1.082 € /kg price down
Price change Ołow czysty 2021.10.18
0.649 € /kg price down
Price change Ołow zanieczyszczony 2021.10.18
Stainless steel prices
1.082 € /kg price up
Price change Złom nierdzewki 2021.10.18
Złom stali nierdzewnej V4A 2021.10.18

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