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UAB Šulcas ir Partneriai visits38972

Vaidoto g. 42a
Šiauliai, Lithuania
8 (699) 76860
I - V 8:00 - 17:00
[email protected]
Cash for scrap metal & cash for scrap non-ferrous metals in Siauliai city Lithuania. Purchase of scrap metal. Purchase of aluminum, purchase of lead scrap, copper, purchase of stainless steel scrap, purchase of batteries, purchase of bronze / brass scrap in Šiauliai. When buying scrap metal, we use high-quality, certified, electronic scales. By agreement, we can come to pick up scrap metal at the customer's place. The specialists working in the company will professionally evaluate the type of scrap metal in order to maximize the purchase price of metal for the customer. We can come to dismantle or shred the scrap metal.
Currency converter
Scrap aluminum prices
1.950 €/kg price up
Price change Ratlankiai
1.200 €/kg no changes
Price change Motorinis
Scrap Battery prices
0.550 €/kg price up
Price change Švino akumuliatoriai
Scrap brass prices
4.300 €/kg price up
Price change Įvairus žalvario / bronzos laužas
Scrap copper prices
6.700 €/kg price down
Price change Elektrotechninis varis
6.500 €/kg price down
Price change Vario laužas
Scrap lead prices
0.900 €/kg price up
Price change Įvairus švino laužas
Scrap metal prices
0.300 €/kg price up
Price change Plienas - 3A
0.290 €/kg price up
Price change Negabaritinis metalo laužas - 5A
0.270 €/kg price up
Price change Skardų metalo laužas(iki 4mm) - 12A
0.260 €/kg price up
Price change Automobilinės skardos - 12M
Stainless steel prices
1.200 €/kg price up
Price change Ni 10%
1.000 €/kg price up
Price change Ni 8%

* - Specify prices directly with the buyer! Available inaccuracies of currency conversion.