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Cash for gold Hannover city, Germany. Scrap gold price per gram Hannover. We buy gold such as: 9 carat gold, 14 carat gold, 18 carat gold, 24 carat gold, dental gold and others types gold | We, the Leihhaus Heinrich Bott GmbH Hannover, are your reliable partner for the purchase of precious metals such as gold, silver and pewter, but we are also happy to accept high-quality jewelry for purchase. In addition to the classic purchase of precious metals and jewelry, we have recently also presented ourselves as pawnbrokers in the high-class segment. We also accept cars, art, antiques, jewelry, coins, amber, diamonds and luxury watches in our own pawn shop. Always make sure that specific amounts for your gold are formulated as the purchase price and that opaque “up to” information is not use...

Scrap prices, Hannover

Purchase price Price change Comments Updated
Scrap Gold price
27.96 Eur/g. price down Price change 585er Gold 2020.11.21 - 13:26
35.85 Eur/g. price down Price change 750er Gold 2020.11.21 - 13:26
43.78 Eur/g. price down Price change 916er Gold 2020.11.21 - 13:26
Contacts 999er Feingold 2020.11.21 - 13:26
15.29 Eur/g. price down Price change 333er Gold 2020.11.21 - 13:26

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