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Am Marstall 11
Hannover, Germany
01521 67 36 018
Mo - Fr 10:00 - 18:00, Sa 11:00 - 17:00
Gold purchase prices in Germany, Hannover city. To find out an exact purchase price for your jewelry, just drop by our shop. Each of us has jewelry lying in a drawer at home that we rarely or seldom wear. So why not monetize the jewelry. Especially in the Christmas season or for special gifts you might need a penny or two and get your wallet going a little. Jewelry that you've been given as a gift but you don't like it at all, or the pieces of jewelry left behind by dear grandma. Even the old gold teeth or the old silver cutlery. We at Juweliyo GmbH value your old gold for free and give you a fair price! Our many years of experience with gold and silver coins enable us to give you the best price for your coins With the help of our experts, we will give you an exact price for your dental gold on site. Most crowns are made of silver and palladium, with the gold content being quite or very little.
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