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Scrap gold prices in Germany, Dortmund city. The gold purchase of gold as well as silver. The purchase is made at fair prices, which are calculated based on the precious metal content of the items on offer. The seller does not pay any fees or fees for the gold purchase in Dortmund, but receives the fair equivalent of the precious metals sold immediately after the purchase. Households own old gold in different forms. This includes simply processed pieces of jewelry that have no additional processing value besides the metal value, as well as the old gold from dentures and gold bars that have since been renewed. You can sell any kind of old gold with us in Dortmund. It is not uncommon for our purchase of dental gold at good prices to partly contribute to the financing of new dentures. In addition to buying gold, we also offer silver buying i...

Scrap prices, Dortmund

Purchase price Price change Comments Updated
Scrap Gold price
26.75 Eur/g. price down Price change 585er Gold 2021.01.11 - 12:44
34.76 Eur/g. price down Price change 750er Gold 2021.01.11 - 12:44
41.7 Eur/g. price down Price change 900er Gold 2021.01.11 - 12:44
Contacts 999er Gold 2021.01.11 - 12:44
15.05 Eur/g. price down Price change 333er Gold 2021.01.11 - 12:44

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