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Scrap non-ferrous metals purchasing in Russia, Samara city. Scrap metal collection yard in Samara city. By type, the scrap is divided into ferrous metal (iron, cast iron and stainless steel), non-ferrous (aluminum, copper, titanium, magnesium) and precious (gold, silver, platinum). In terms of shape, household scrap is distinguished, large (metal structures and rolled metal products), small (hardware and shavings), special (aviation, railway, military) and batteries. The remelting of metal waste allows to resume the production of new metal-containing alloys without unnecessary stress on iron ore deposits and to avoid deposits of scrap metal at factories. Tsvetmet - various unclaimed metal products, in the composition of which there is no iron, or its impurity is insignificant. This is the most expensive category of recyclable materials with the exception of precious metals. Non-ferrous metal products surround us everywhere. Acceptance and purchase of non-ferrous scrap at the receptions of Samara and the region We calculate immediately after weighing the inspection of the batch to detect a blockage
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