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Scrap gold purchase prices in Germany. We buy your old gold at an outstanding price, please make sure you compare the individual purchase prices with our colleagues on the market. We need the old gold, which is why we need large quantities because we extract the precious metal from the unpopular pieces of gold jewelry and at the end of the recycling chain at Heraeus in Hanau, we have a new and modern bar produced in a plastic blister - this bar in turn is in great demand and many buyers in our investment segment . That is why we offer absolute maximum prices for your hidden treasures, although sometimes they no longer look like it! We can use pretty much everything, any old jewelry such as old rings, chains, pendants, brooches, watches, pendants, etc. - the main thing is that it is precious metal in it. Only a few pieces of old gold in th...

Gold prices | scrap metal prices, Schwaig

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Gold prices
43.57 EUR /g price down Price change 916 Medaillen und Schmuck 2021.06.17
42.88 EUR /g price down Price change 900 Goldmedaillen 2021.06.17
35.72 EUR /g price down Price change 750 Goldschmuck 2021.06.17
27.84 EUR /g price down Price change 585 Altgold und Schmuck 2021.06.17
15.89 EUR /g price down Price change 375 Bruchgold und Reste 2021.06.17
Ankauf Zahngold gelbgold 2021.06.17

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