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Scrap gold prices in Germany, Koln city. offers you a convenient, non-binding and free purchase of precious metals by post. You can of course also do this personally on site. Gold is used and processed in a wide variety of ways, it can be an asset or it can be used for contacts in technical devices. One of the most common and obvious uses is probably the processing into gold jewelry. Whether as rings, chains, watches, decorated with diamonds, emeralds or rubies, the variations are almost unlimited. But in many cases gold jewelry is not worn for a lifetime and also likes to gather dust in some boxes. Simply request the mailer online, fill out the precious metal cover letter and enclose it in the mailing envelope. Then send us your valuables with insured shipping. The experts at check and evaluate your jewelry, gold coins or other valuables free of charge and without obligation. Gold is processed in many different ways, whether in the form of gold bars, gold teeth, gold coins or gold plates, with us you can easily sell your old gold online. Request a mailing bag and send us your valuables together with a precious metal accompanying letter free of charge. We will then carefully examine your gold and send you an offer by telephone or e-mail as soon as possible. If you like it, we will transfer the agreed amount to you immediately. Otherwise we will send your valuables back to you immediately, you always benefit from our '100% gold-back guarantee' and take no risk. Whether you want to sell your gold, silver, platinum or palladium at a local dealer in Cologne or on the Internet, a precise price comparison is worthwhile in any case. We always keep an eye on the current gold price and always offer you the best possible offer, based on the current gold price. For more information on the process, see our detailed guide to selling gold.
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