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Gold buyer in Germany. We buy your jewelry in gold and silver. Most households hide unexpected treasures, which are ideal for buying: old gold jewelry, valuable precious metals, various objects of daily use or coins made of gold and silver. The time is ideal to take advantage of the high precious metal prices, especially the high gold price, to offer old gold jewelry for sale and to monetize other precious metals. As a reputable buying point for gold jewelry of all kinds and other precious metals, we offer comprehensive advice and fair prices for the purchase, which are based on the current daily exchange rate. In our locations, we check your jewelry for purity and fine gold content using precise techniques. From this we determine the value of your piece of jewelry, which you have intended for sale to us. We will make you an individual of...

Gold prices | scrap metal prices, Frankfurt am Main

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Gold prices
43.56 EUR /g price up Price change Legierung - 900,0 2021.09.14
36.21 EUR /g price up Price change Legierung - 750,0 2021.09.14
28.14 EUR /g price up Price change Legierung - 585,0 2021.09.14
15.8 EUR /g price up Price change Legierung - 333,0 2021.09.14
Feingold (in Barren) - 999,09 2021.09.14

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