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Švyturio g. 3C
Tauragė, Lithuania
+370 652 40438
I - V 08:00 – 17:00
Scrap metal prices in Lithuania,Taurage city. We can dismantle, cut and pick up larger equipment, old car equipment and other scrap metal in our own transport. We buy cars, trucks, their parts and their special equipment. We offer demolition and various construction services. We also offer large quantities of scrap metal removal services. For services and their prices, please call +370 698 31069. For non-ferrous scrap prices, scrap removal and dismantling works, please call: +370 698 31069. Personal income tax (GPM) is deducted from natural persons - 5%. The percentage of contamination (1-5% or more) depending on the contamination of the scrap metal (plastic, rubber, dirt, wood, ferrous metal inclusions, etc.) Purchase prices for scrap metal change frequently, so always check what the purchase prices for the scrap metal are that day before selling the scrap metal