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Knapen Metaal visits17700

Prinsenweg 33
Tongeren, Belgium
+32012 26 41 58
maandag en dinsdag 13.00 – 16.30
[email protected]
Scrap metal yard in Belgium, Tongeren city. We adjust the prices on our website daily and this according to the LME index (London Metal Exchange). This way you are always aware of the most current metal prices. For more information, please contact us. The focus on tin quickly resulted in significant growth and the strong reputation of a true specialist. Today Knapen Metaal is co-run by son Michel and his wife Ilona and the national and international customers of the family business can go there for four services: scrap metal processing, metal foundry, plastics processing and waste water remediation. Knapen Metaal attaches great importance to a lasting relationship. On the shop floor, with our employees and our customers, but also next to it. That is why we have concluded a long-term agreement with ZVC United Tongeren. Клиенты в стране и за границей полагаются на нас в переработке своего лома. И это всегда по текущим ценам, которые корректируются ежедневно. У нас есть различные печи с различной производительностью для сплавления различных металлов.
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