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Scrap metal prices in Sweden. Scrap prices are based on the buyer's ability to sell his metal depending on volumes, processing process, transport costs and competition in both the collection and sales stages. In addition, factors such as geography and the price of raw materials change daily. Since the start in 2011, has rapidly grown into the leading service platform for environmentally efficient recycling and waste management in Sweden. Today, we mediate just over 10,000 recycling assignments per year - and we are growing rapidly. Recycling companies have easy access to a commercially interesting catalog of assignments in their geographical and operational area. Every week, we help hundreds of companies, organizations and individuals to find a secure recycling solution, at the right price. Quick, easy and free. Scrap & metals belong to the |waste class| which conditions relatively high values. The compensation that your business has the opportunity to reach depends on a lot of factors. But one of the most important factors is an efficient handling of the waste and the possibility of optimizing the transports (rule of thumb with all waste handling is to have as few transports as possible and that each transport contains as large a quantity as possible). It is from this perspective that a scrap press/metal press can be decisive. This applies especially to lighter metals (aluminum etc.) or products made of thin layers of iron/metal. A scrap press can therefore be the way forward both from an environmental perspective and a direct financial perspective. For example, you can recycle broken lamps, mobile phones, kettles and TVs. It is so-called electronic waste that must be sorted out and handed over for recycling. Think about how many telephones, radios, computers, TVs we surround ourselves with. These are products that we often depend on for them to function. Electronic scrap is also the waste category that perhaps has the greatest risk of causing major damage to the environment due to the often environmentally hazardous components they consist of. It is particularly important to find a good solution for recycling electronics as handled correctly, electronics are a valuable resource, but recycling electronics incorrectly, or not at all, can have fatal consequences.
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Scrap aluminum prices
0.607 €/kg no changes
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Scrap Battery prices
0.347 €/kg no changes
Price change Blybatterier
Scrap brass prices
3.466 €/kg no changes
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Scrap copper prices
5.198 €/kg no changes
Price change Koppar
1.733 €/kg no changes
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Scrap lead prices
0.261 €/kg no changes
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Scrap metal prices
0.087 €/kg no changes
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Stainless steel prices
1.3 €/kg no changes
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