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HF Recycling visits17062

Västra Brohagavägen 25
Åstorp, Sweden
+460769-42 98 89
Vardagar: 08.00 – 17.00
[email protected]
Like all major international markets, there are countless factors that affect scrap prices and the prices of various metals. It is basically about supply and demand, which in turn is affected by the number of metal mines, the global need for special metals, export and import opportunities and both national and international policies. Because of this, the commodity market - with a focus on metals and energy - is a hugely popular market for investors and day traders, where the metals are usually sold on futures contracts. Of course, this also creates opportunities and benefits for all scrap dealers, including us. Metal recycling is the process of recycling metal. In principle, all metals that we use on a daily basis can be recycled, and everything from small packaging to building materials and cars are equally suitable for metal recycling. The advantages of recycling metals are many, so many that nearly 40% of all steel production today is made with recycled metal. The main advantage is that you limit the new production of metals and the mining of ore, which often has a negative impact on the environment. In addition, private individuals and companies can sell scrap metal to us at HF Recycling, so you get paid for the scrap before we see to it that it is recycled. Another great advantage of metal recycling is that metals are recycled without losing quality and can therefore be recycled as many times as desired. HF Recycling - formerly Skånes Järn & Metall AB - deals with metal recycling in Åstorp, just outside Helsingborg. However, we collect scrap metal and batteries from all over Scania and the surrounding area. You can deliver it to us in Åstorp yourself, but if you have large volumes, we can help you arrange transport and delivery. Our goal is to help our customers get rid of their scrap metal and also get paid for it so that we can then recycle the metals according to all the rules of the art. We follow a strict environmental policy and only cooperate with companies that offer sustainable and environmentally friendly recycling. Keep in mind that we do not deal with complete recycling in Åstorp, but only handle metals and lead batteries. If you have other waste you want to recycle, we give tips on where to find recycling stations in Helsingborg further down this page.
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