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Sariyerli Kardeşler 73634/3

Rami Kışla Caddesi
İstanbul, Turkey
0 (532) 668 68 02
Mesai Saatleri 08:00 - 20:00
Scrap metal purchasing, handling & selling Istambul city, Turkey. Sarıyerli Kardeşler Scrap & Metal Company; Our company, which has the capacity to do business all over the country, especially in Istanbul, continues its work with profesionals staff. By following the technology closely, we benefit from all kinds of possibilities of scrap business. We are in a position to respond to any requests of our customers regarding recycling, scrap and metal. We are among the well-established organizations in the sector. Sarıyerli Kardeşler Hurdacı & Metal always keeps the quality of the products it offers at the highest level and has adopted the principle of providing our customers with the best price and fast work completion convenience in scrap purchases ... You can examine the categories in which the products we buy and sell. The main principle of Sarıyerli Scrap Brothers is to provide full-time and permanent customer satisfaction. Our most important and first goal in our business is to provide services that will increase customer satisfaction 24/7 after scrap and scrap purchase. As one of the oldest Scrap Dealer Sites in Turkey (2005), we share the most up-to-date maximum Scrap prices for our Scrap purchases via whatsapp line to all our customers. We provide the purchase and service of all your scraps, from manufacturing waste scraps to buildings and factories. As Sarıyerli Scrap Recycling Industry company, we increase our understanding of quality with our reliability. Click on the link to have more information about our place in the Scrap Sector. A scrap dealer is generally a person who collects metal parts and metal waste. Scrapping is the collection of metal and scrap materials that have lost their properties, are not used and are no longer useful, for recycling. Generally, scrap dealers take the scraps they collect to the sorting center and process them; It is accumulated by separating it into mineral groups such as aluminum, copper, zinc, iron, chromium and nickel. After reaching a certain weight, it is taken to scrap collection facilities for recycling, where necessary processes are carried out by melting, pressing and various applications.