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Scrap metal prices New York, Brooklyn. T&T Scrap is the complete solution for purchasing all of your ferrous & non-ferrous metals. Offering state of the art scales, roll-off container services and on-site weigh and pay. We have the facility and equipment necessary to handle large industrial scrap from your NY Metro construction and reconstruction projects. T&T Scrap prides itself in making recycling scrap metal as easy as possible! When necessary, T&T Scrap will send out a purchasing agent to inspect your large scrap metal piles and create a plan to clean up and remove the scrap metal. T&T Scrap will then send a container (roll off, end dump, or flatbed trailer) to your location to transport the scrap metal from your location to T&T Scrap’s processing facility and recycle the material. Please call for information on what T&T Scrap is buying, current pricing, terms and conditions, or for any other questions at 718-366-4017
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Scrap aluminum prices
0.4 €/lb no changes
Price change ALUMINUM
Scrap Battery prices
0.199 €/lb no changes
Price change BATTERIES
Scrap brass prices
1.351 €/lb no changes
Price change BRASS
Scrap copper prices
2.1 €/lb no changes
Price change #1 COPPER
2 €/lb no changes
Price change #2 COPPER
1.5 €/lb no changes
Price change COPPER WIRE
Scrap electronics prices
0.02 €/lb no changes
Price change APPLIANCES
Scrap metal prices
0.06 €/lb no changes
Price change #1 STEEL
0.05 €/lb no changes
Price change MIX METAL
0.04 €/lb no changes
Price change LITE IRON

* - Specify prices directly with the buyer! Available inaccuracies of currency conversion.