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Scrap metal buying prices in Russia. Cash for scrap metal Kursk city, Russia. The company specializes in buying, receiving, processing scrap metal in the Kursk region and neighboring regions. Reception of scrap metal is carried out regardless of the weight. We buy from individuals and legal entities at high prices in the region of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap, as well as their waste, illiquid assets and alloys. For the transportation of scrap and waste of ferrous metals to the Oskol Electrometallurgical Plant, JSC 'Kurskvtormet' invites individual entrepreneurs who have (otherwise legally owned) the appropriate vehicles for cooperation. Payment is made immediately after weighing, in cash or by bank transfer. The process of accepting scrap metal is accompanied by all the necessary do...

Scrap prices, Курск

Purchase price Price change Comments Updated
Scrap Aluminum price
Contacts Лом алюминия - смешанный 2020.10.16 - 16:11
Scrap Brass price
Contacts Лом латуни разных групп 2020.10.16 - 16:11
Scrap Copper price
Contacts Лом меди - разных групп 2020.10.16 - 16:11
Scrap St. steel price
Contacts Лом стали нержавеющей - мин Ni 8% 2020.10.16 - 16:11
Scrap Battery price
Contacts Лом АКБ 2020.10.16 - 16:11
Contacts Лом кадмиево - никелевых аккумуляторов 2020.10.16 - 16:11
Scrap metal prices
0.167 Eur/kg. price up Price change Стальные куски - 3А2Н 2020.10.16 - 16:11
0.167 Eur/kg. price up Price change Стальной габаритный лом - 12А 2020.10.16 - 16:11
0.167 Eur/kg. price up Price change Стальной негабаритный лом - 5A 2020.10.16 - 16:11

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