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Babilonia 31862/8

Calle Antonio López, 19
Madrid, Spain
912 55 00 20
Opening hours not specified
[email protected]
Scrap gold prices in Spain, Madrid. Our appraisals are updated frequently. We want to be your gold buy house in Madrid. Our price per gram of gold is very competitive, come and check it out. We will confidently carry out the appraisal in front of you. Sell us your gold or pawn it if it has sentimental value with. It is common knowledge that gold is one of the most valuable and attractive metals, coveted since ancient times, which can be exchanged for money instantly, anywhere in the world. In our gold shop in Madrid we offer the best price for your pieces. Our professionals value the weight and purity of your jewelry and, based on constantly updated quotes, pay you the best rates. Sell gold with the best appraisal in the market in our stores in Madrid. We give you the possibility to pawn your gold and jewels with the possibility of recovery. Get money quickly, we pay instantly in cash. We sell gold with the security and confidence of obtaining the best price and appraisal in Madrid. In addition, you can also bring us your watches or other types of jewelry, even broken or in poor condition, as well as gold and silver objects of all kinds. We will offer you an appraisal for your purchase without any commitment. You have the opportunity to obtain a good yield for an object that you no longer have any use for. In our company to buy gold and silver in Madrid we do not ignore the other side of the sale. We can present you with the best options for investing in gold with the purchase of bullion if you are interested in placing your savings in one of the safest securities available. Whatever your situation, visit us on Calle Antonio López, in the Arganzuela district, or go to our store in Plaza de Canalejas, in the heart of Madrid. We accept remote transactions and you can request an approximate valuation of your objects from home.
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