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Scrap metal yard in Ufa city. The main area of ​​activity of the organization is the purchase of scrap. They launched their activities in 2001, when they began to receive non-ferrous metals. From that moment on, there has been constant development, we are actively working in the market of the relevant field and are looking for permanent partners for profitable relationships. We offer on mutually beneficial terms the purchase of non-ferrous metal, as well as metal waste, cables, batteries. We work at a high level and are ready to offer our partners favorable terms of cooperation. By selling us scrap metal, you will receive a decent payment. We are dedicated to building strong and lasting partnerships with our clients. If you want to establish long-term contacts in the sale of metals, you can contact us and count on the success of the event. By offering you the best prices for the sale of scrap, we observe transparency and constancy of the pricing policy. You can see the exact cost of each type of elements we buy in the price list without the need for additional communication on our website
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Scrap aluminum prices
0.931 € /kg no changes
Price change Алюминий 1-1гр 2021.10.10
0.873 € /kg no changes
Price change Алюминий 1-2гр 2021.10.10
0.814 € /kg no changes
Price change Алюминий Xгр бытовой 2021.10.10
0.814 € /kg no changes
Price change Алюминий 5гр моторный 2021.10.10
Scrap Battery prices
0.582 € /kg no changes
Price change Аккумуляторы 2021.10.10
Scrap brass prices
2.792 € /kg no changes
Price change Латунь / Бронза 2021.10.10
1.978 € /kg no changes
Price change Стружка (латунь, бронза) 2021.10.10
Scrap copper prices
5.468 € /kg no changes
Price change Медь 2021.10.10
Scrap lead prices
0.582 € /kg no changes
Price change Свинец 2021.10.10
Stainless steel prices
0.756 € /kg no changes
Price change Лом Б-26 (нержавейка) 2021.10.10

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