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Cash for gold Greece, Crete. EasyPay Gold PC is a Greek company, based in Heraklion, Crete, which operates purely in the field of purchase and sale of precious metals - pawnshop: Buy Gold, Silver, Precious Stones, Coins. With many years of experience in the field and its attention focused on fellow human beings, it provides optimal and fast service legally and with absolute transparency. We provide free appraisal. Trust, confidentiality and prompt service belong to the main axis of our company. Which is confirmed by our customers, professionals and individuals with the trust they show us. Those who have doubts - hesitations, with a phone contact or a visit to our store, understand our professionalism and the level of services we offer. On our website you can see live the world spot prices of precious metals Gold - Silver, but also the purchase prices we offer to customers
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34.3 € /g no changes
Price change ΧΡΥΣΟΣ 22Κ, 916 2021.10.11
27.6 € /g no changes
Price change ΧΡΥΣΟΣ 18Κ, 750 2021.10.11
20.6 € /g no changes
Price change ΧΡΥΣΟΣ 14Κ, 585 2021.10.11
12 € /g no changes
Price change ΧΡΥΣΟΣ 9Κ, 375 2021.10.11

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