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Cash for gold & scrap gold prices in France, Versailles. We buy back all your gold. However, we do not pay for gold plated or metals other than precious metals (gold and silver, only coins for silver). Examples: watches, dials, gussets, bracelets, curb chains, pendants, earrings, necklaces, chains, rings, signet rings, yellow dental gold, waste, debris, gold and silver coins, etc. Gold or silver coins that have been turned into jewelry or in very poor condition can also be resold here. In fact, if a part is no longer in a so-called “marketable” state then it can be taken back according to its weight and no longer to the stock market price. Our company, with its know-how and experience, offers you the highest redemption prices on the gold market. Indeed, our large volumes allow us to offer our customers repurchase prices with reduced margins. We invite you to compare our repurchase prices with other market operators to see for yourself.
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Gold prices
48.18 € /g no changes
Price change 24 carats (Généralement les lingots) 2021.10.13
42.04 € /g no changes
Price change 22 carats (Généralement les pièces montées) 2021.10.13
32.73 € /g no changes
Price change 18 carats (90% des bijoux) 2021.10.13
23.59 € /g no changes
Price change 14 carats 2021.10.13
14.79 € /g no changes
Price change 9 carats (Généralement or dentaire) 2021.10.13

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