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Felix-Dahn-Str. 4
Stuttgart, Germany
0711-912 77 944
Mo - Fr 09:00 - 18:00, Sa 09:00 - 13:00
Cash for gold & scrap gold prices, Germany, Stuttgart city. Would you like to sell your gold chain and get cash for it right away? We specialize in buying gold chains and jewelry! Would you like to sell your gold coins and receive cash for them straight away? We specialize in buying gold coins and jewelry! Would you like to sell silver cutlery and get cash for it? We specialize in buying silver cutlery and silver jewelry! We buy diamonds which can also be set in gold jewelry, silver jewelry or platinum jewelry - advice, estimate without obligation! Gold is a valuable raw material. Perhaps you also have old gold jewelry (such as gold chains, gold necklaces, gold bracelets or even gold coins) that are lying around uselessly in the jewelry box. If you agree to the purchase price, we will immediately transfer the amount to the bank account you specified. If you do not agree with our purchase price, we will send your shipment back to the sender address immediately and free of charge. We want you as a satisfied customer, this is the only way you can recommend us!
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48.4 € /g no changes
Price change 999 (24 Karat) 2021.10.13
47.72 € /g no changes
Price change 986 (23,7 Karat) 2021.10.13
44.33 € /g no changes
Price change 916 (22,0 Karat) 2021.10.13
43.56 € /g no changes
Price change 900 (21,6 Karat) 2021.10.13
42.35 € /g no changes
Price change 875 (21,0 Karat) 2021.10.13
36.3 € /g no changes
Price change 750 (18,0 Karat) 2021.10.13
28.31 € /g no changes
Price change 585 (14,0 Karat) 2021.10.13
20.13 € /g no changes
Price change 416 (10,0 Karat) 2021.10.13
18.15 € /g no changes
Price change 375 (9,0 Karat) 2021.10.13
16.15 € /g no changes
Price change 333 (8,0 Karat) 2021.10.13

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