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Scrap battery purchasing & recycling in Poland, Katowice city. We attach particular importance to conducting processes in supervised conditions, in accordance with legal requirements and other regulations applicable in our operations, safe for the staff, the environment and the environment, taking into account the risks and opportunities, enabling the achievement of planned results and preventing the occurrence of undesirable effects. We implement the quality, environmental, health and safety management strategy in all areas of the Company's operations, including consultations with employees. The President of the Company controls and supervises the implementation of planned projects, thus obliging all employees to strictly comply with the provisions of the integrated management system. BATERPOL purchases and processes battery scrap, being at the same time a significant producer of refined lead and lead alloys. The technological solutions we use close the battery recycling cycle and allow for economic use of over 95% of battery scrap. Positive aspects: Purchase of batteries from all over the country. Protection of primary raw materials, Reclamation of degraded post-industrial areas, Economic use of sulfur from electrolyte and paste for the production of sodium sulphate, Environmental protection by securing loads at scrap collection and handling sites. The company BATERPoL s.A. with its seat in Katowice, supports the initiative of international organizations and companies in the field of not purchasing raw materials from countries affected by armed conflicts. These minerals include: tantalum, zficto, tin, tungsten, which are widely used in the world and are used to finance armed groups in these countries. We are against the use of minerals from conflict zones and materials of questionable or unknown origin. BATERPOL s.A. does not directly order raw materials, goods and components from areas affected by armed conflicts. we agree with the principle that issues related to social responsibility should be addressed throughout the supply chain. We are aware that raw materials from conflict-free areas may be present in the raw materials of suppliers goods, therefore we expect our suppliers to use only conflict-free minerals.
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