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Metalico Buffalo 9982/1

127 Fillmore Avenue
New York, Buffalo, USA
I - V 07:30 - 16:00, VI 08:00 - 12:00
Metalico Buffalo is the only full-service scrap metal recycler in the greater Buffalo area proven and trusted to deliver an unmatched combination of fair and competitive pricing plus high-quality customer service in a safe, convenient, and clean environment. At Metalico Buffalo, we can help you properly recycle industrial scrap metal at a competitive rate. We take a wide variety of scrap metals that can be found anywhere from machine shops to construction sites. Additionally, we accept both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals. For your scrap metal, we will offer a fair price, assessed by our team of professionals. Industrial Scrap Metal Recycling in Buffalo NY. Industrial Scrap We Take: All Solids and Turnings, Busheling, Borings, Punchings, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Punching / Plate Skeleton, Copper, Brass, Lead, Nickel and Nickel Alloys, Carbide, High-Speed Tool Steel, Old Machines, Maintenance Scrap. Electrical Scrap Recycling. Electrical scrap can be tough to get rid of. Certain things can only be disposed of in certain places. Metalico Buffalo is here to help take the guessing work out of the picture for you. If you're in need of extra cash Metalico will give you top dollar for your electrical scrap. We have trained professionals who can assess the amount of scrap and give you the best value possible. In the auto industry, recycling metal components is a highly efficient process that returns a large percentage of resources to manufacturers each year. With recycled metal, producing cars requires less invasive mining operations to extract new materials. At Metalico, our experienced team members are ready to provide estimates and guidance for your automotive scrap metal based on industry rates. We serve the needs of metal scrappers around Buffalo, Niagara Falls and elsewhere in Western New York.
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Scrap aluminum prices
0.472 €/lb no changes
Price change Siding,Gutters, Downspouts
0.425 €/lb no changes
Price change Sheet Aluminum
0.123 €/lb no changes
Price change Irony Aluminum
Scrap Battery prices
0.142 €/lb no changes
Price change Auto Batteries
Scrap brass prices
1.604 €/lb no changes
Price change Yellow Brass
Scrap copper prices
2.925 €/lb price up
Price change Bare Bright Copper
2.783 €/lb price up
Price change #1 Copper
2.689 €/lb price up
Price change #2 Copper
Low Grade Insulated Copper Wire
High Grade Insulated Copper Wire
Scrap metal prices
0.212 €/kg price down
Price change Auto Drums & Rotors
0.179 €/kg price down
Price change Short Steel/Prepared HMS
0.132 €/kg price down
Price change Sheet Iron/Shredder feed
0.132 €/kg price down
Price change Shearing
Stainless steel prices
0.302 €/lb price down
Price change Non-Magnetic (304)

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