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Stoties 49A
Marijampolė, Lithuania
+370 685 30441
Opening hours not specified
[email protected]
Cash for scrap metal in Marijampole city, Lithuania. The company buys ferrous scrap from companies, organizations and residents in various quantities. If necessary, we arrive at the place specified by the customer, dismantle the equipment, structures, load the scrap and take it out with our own transport. We buy the following non-ferrous metals: aluminum (Al), copper (Cu), nickel (Ni), zinc (Zn), lead (Pb), titanium (Ti), molybdenum (Mo), tungsten (W). We purchase and manage spent lead - acid batteries, alkaline batteries and accumulators from companies, organizations and residents. A battery is a chemical source of electricity or power that can be restored after discharge. During a series of discharge and charge cycles, the battery loses its ability to store energy and only needs to be disposed of safely. Batteries are sorted by type of electrolyte into acidic and alkaline.
Currency converter
Scrap aluminum prices
1.05 €/kg no changes
Price change Aliuminio radiatoriai
aliuminio laužas
Scrap Battery prices
0.65 €/kg no changes
Price change švino akumuliatoriai
Scrap brass prices
4.75 €/kg no changes
Price change žalvaris
Scrap copper prices
7.5 €/kg no changes
Price change vario laužas
Scrap metal prices
0.335 €/kg price down
Price change negabaritinis metalo laužas 5A
0.33 €/kg price down
Price change skarda -12A
0.325 €/kg price down
Price change Automobilinė skarda
0.17 €/kg price down
Price change Automobiliai (ENTP)
Gabaritinis metalo laužas - 3A
Stainless steel prices
1.55 €/kg no changes
Price change Nerūdijantis plienas

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