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Scrap metal prices in Spain. Cash for scrap metal Barcelona city. We are pleased to present Metal Day, S.A. a new way of understanding the world of recycling. Starting from the traditional scrap metal dealers of a lifetime, and after more than 14 years in the sector with our company Metalls Alcolea, S.L. We evolved towards a more global concept of recycling in a broad environment in the recycling sector, trying to give help to those who have always been in the forefront of this activity, we present our new company Metal Day, S.A. We also now present Metal Day S.A improving the recycling system with new machinery, which helps us with the materials selection processes. We work to take care of the planet to continue creating the future of our children. Taking care of all processed matter, return to a prime state, to create new products and t...

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Purchase price Price change Comments Updated
Scrap aluminum prices
Tara de Aluminio - A 2021.07.24
Scrap Battery prices
Bateria vehiculo 2021.07.24
Scrap brass prices
Laton con flexo - B 2021.07.24
Scrap copper prices
Cobre limpio sin nada - A 2021.07.24
Tara de motores - A 2021.07.24
Scrap lead prices
Plomo Tuberias - B 2021.07.24
Scrap metal prices
Hierro normal - B 2021.07.24
Film natural - C 2021.07.24
Stainless steel prices
Acero Inox 2021.07.24

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