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Kaplans Ädelmetall 97931/1

Biblioteksgatan 5
Stockholm, Sweden
08-545 016 00
Vardagar 10:00-18:00, Lördag 11:00-16:00
Cash for gold Stockholm city, Sweden. The company purchases gold, silver and platinum from private individuals in Sweden. The purchase takes place in accordance with the Act (1999:271) on trade in used goods. For gold, the transaction is VAT-free and neither you as the seller nor we as the buyer are subject to VAT. If you come to Kaplans Ädelmetall, you will get a valuation and a competitively good price for your precious metal jewellery. We also accept jewelry that is broken or defective. Jewelery that you no longer use can thus be melted down and recycled. Kaplans Ädelmetall purchases precious metals, mainly gold, silver and platinum. Each sale begins with an appraisal of the items. Should it be more advantageous to sell the items via auction, customers are offered this as an alternative. Kaplans Edelmetall is part of Kaplans. At Biblioteksgatan 5 in Stockholm, valuation services, auctions and store sales come together in one and the same building, which means that customers are offered unique solutions at a competitive price. Kaplans Auktioner is the Nordics' leading auction house for jewellery, watches, silver and precious stones. Auctions are held weekly all year round. Kaplans reaches a wide audience of buyers in Sweden and the rest of the world. The number of registered customers amounts to 225,000 and the auctions are regularly followed by thousands of regular customers, traders and collectors, both online and through personal visits. Every year over 100,000 objects are offered for sale and at Kaplans there is a large and very varied clientele of sellers.
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