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Scrap metal prices UK, Nottingham | Scrap Battery price Nottingham. Scrap Aluminum price. Scrap Copper price. Scrap Stainless steel price UK | We are a mobile scrap metal collection service and scrap yard operating 6 days a week, aiming to take the hassle out of recycling by keeping our loyal and new customers completely satisfied. Non-ferrous metals are worth much more than the ferrous metals, so get in touch today for top prices! You can find these non-ferrous metals in window fittings, wire, roofs, boilers, pipe, cars, machines and so on
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Scrap prices, Nottingham

Title Purchase price Price change Comments Updated
Scrap Aluminum price 0.57 Eur/kg. Graph scrap Aluminum 2019.09.09 - 13:41
Scrap Brass price 2.85 Eur/kg. Graph Brass 2019.09.09 - 13:42
Scrap Copper price 3.42 Eur/kg. Graph copper - Cylinders 2019.09.09 - 13:42
Scrap Lead price 1.14 Eur/kg. Graph Lead scrap 2019.09.09 - 13:42
Scrap St. steel price 0.456 Eur/kg. Graph scrap Stainless Steel 2019.09.09 - 13:41
Car batteries scrap prices 0.57 Eur/kg. Graph scrap batteries 2019.09.09 - 13:42
Scrap cars prices 0.08 Eur/kg. Graph Scrap Vehicles 2019.09.09 - 13:41

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