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Cash for scrap metal Chelyabinsk city, Russia. Scrap metal prices Russia, Chelyabinsk city. Buying price of lead batteries Chelyabinsk. The price of scrap aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel scrap, lead scrap. The company 'Lom74' specializes in collecting & buying scrap metal in Chelyabinsk, of any type and in any quantity. A huge, well-equipped area, the use of modern measuring instruments, forklifts and other equipment has led to the convenience of serving our customers. The delivery of metal waste, used products from iron, cast iron and steel is organized in such a way that you can get money not only for a ton of scrap, but also for one kilogram. The client's task is only to deliver ...

Scrap prices, Челябинск

Purchase price Price change Comments Updated
Scrap Aluminum price
0.8 Eur/kg. Graph Алюминий 2020.09.24 - 10:44
Scrap Brass price
2.816 Eur/kg. Graph Латунь 2020.09.24 - 10:44
Scrap Copper price
4.674 Eur/kg. Graph Медь 2020.09.24 - 10:44
Scrap Lead price
1.092 Eur/kg. Graph Свинец кабельный 2020.09.24 - 10:44
Scrap St. steel price
0.732 Eur/kg. Graph Нержавеющая сталь 2020.09.24 - 10:44
Scrap Battery price
0.586 Eur/kg. Graph АКБ свинцово кислотные 2020.09.24 - 10:44
0.574 Eur/kg. Graph АКБ от бесперебойников - гелевые 2020.09.24 - 10:44
Scrap metal prices
0.18 Eur/kg. Graph Черный металлолом 2020.09.24 - 10:44
0.146 Eur/kg. Graph Лом оцинкованной стали 2020.09.24 - 10:44

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