Trauschmuck Sperling 27951

Cash for gold Hamburg city, Germany. Gold buying price Germany. All common jewelry alloys are purchased, whether broken, cracked or bent. We offer special conditions for jewelry with an increased resale value! Our pricing is convincing and is based on market values ​​- price increases on the stock exchange are passed on to you, taking other factors into account! Would you like to sell gold, silver or jewelery of any kind to a precious metal recycling facility, a refinery or a gold purchase in Hamburg? Then you have come to the right place - we recycling gold ourselves! We are not a refinery, but we have been successfully buying precious metals and gold in Hamburg for many years!...

Scrap prices, Hamburg

Purchase price Price change Comments Updated
Scrap Gold price
28.59 Eur/g. Graph 585 er Altgold 2020.09.24 - 10:53
36.65 Eur/g. Graph 750er Altgold 2020.09.24 - 10:53
Graph 999er Altgold 2020.09.24 - 10:53
16.27 Eur/g. Graph 333er Altgold 2020.09.24 - 10:53

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