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Cash for scrap metal Siauliai city. We can to offer our own containers for scrap metal collection Purchase of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap in Šiauliai. Purchase of batteries / purchase price of batteries. Purchase of aluminum / purchase price of aluminum scrap. Purchase of copper scrap / purchase price of copper. Purchase / purchase price of stainless steel scrap. We buy scrap metal from companies and individuals. Our specialists will promptly and professionally evaluate the metal you want to sell and offer a reasonable price. Purchase prices for metal are constantly changing, so keep track of price information and check what the price for the metal is today...

Gold prices | scrap metal prices, Šiauliai

Purchase price Price change Comments Updated
Scrap aluminum prices
Aliuminis 2021.05.11
Scrap Battery prices
0.40 EUR /kg no changes Price change Švino rūgštiniai akumuliatoriai 2021.05.11
Scrap brass prices
3.80 EUR /kg price up Price change Žalvaris pramoninis, bronza 2021.05.11
Scrap copper prices
6.20 EUR /kg price up Price change Varis švarus be priemaišų 2021.05.11
0.40 EUR /kg no changes Price change Elektros varikliai varinėmis apvijomis 2021.05.11
Scrap lead prices
0.80 EUR /kg no changes Price change Įvairus švinas 2021.05.11
Scrap metal prices
0.280 EUR /kg price up Price change Plienas gabaritinis. Pastatome konteinerį metalo surinkimui 2021.05.11
0.260 EUR /kg price up Price change Negabaritinis 5A Pastatome konteinerį metalo surinkimui. 2021.05.11
0.250 EUR /kg price up Price change lengvas metalas iki 4 mm.Pastatome konteinerį metalo surinkimui. 2021.05.11
0.110 EUR /kg no changes Price change automobilio kėbulas 2021.05.11
Stainless steel prices
1.10 EUR /kg price up Price change Nerūdijantis plienas 2021.05.11

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