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Cash for scrap metal / scrap metal yard Rokiskis city, Lithuania. Purchase price of copper. Purchase of lead batteries / purchase price Rokiškis. Purchase price of lead. Aluminum purchase price. Scrap metal buyer UAB Rokmeta buys various ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap: copper, brass, aluminum, lead, zinc, magnesium, bronze, stainless steel, batteries, etc. metals, end-of-life vehicles (EOLV), agricultural machinery, implements. In such a situation, together with our equipment, we can come to a place where there is bulky scrap metal and perform cutting and dismantling work. We can bring scrap metal ourselves. Purchase of scrap metal of various sizes, its processing, pressing. We trade in various technical gases (euro type cylinders): CO2, Carbon dioxide, N2, Nitrogen, O2, Oxygen, He, Helium, Ar, Argon, C2H2, Acetylane, C3H8, Propane ...

Scrap prices, Rokiškis

Purchase price Price change Comments Updated
Scrap Aluminum price
0.3 Eur/kg. no changes Price change Aliuminio laužas - skarda 2021.01.10 - 13:43
Scrap Brass price
1 Eur/kg. no changes Price change Žalvario laužas 2021.01.10 - 13:43
Scrap Copper price
1.5 Eur/kg. no changes Price change Vario laužas 2021.01.10 - 13:43
Scrap St. steel price
0.3 Eur/kg. no changes Price change Nerūdijantis plienas 2021.01.10 - 13:43
Scrap Battery price
0.3 Eur/kg. no changes Price change Švino akumuliatoriai 2021.01.10 - 13:43
Scrap metal prices
Contacts metalų laužo mišinys. storis nuo 4 mm 2021.01.10 - 13:43
0.07 Eur/kg. no changes Price change skarda, lakštai, juostelės 2021.01.10 - 13:43
0.05 Eur/kg. price down Price change Automobilių kėbulų skardos 2021.01.10 - 13:57

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