Bonner Goldmine Purchase price, Bonn | Gold ankauf Thomas-Mann-Straße, Bonn. 585er Goldankaufspreis Bonn. 99... 

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Cash for gold Bonn. Gold purchase price, Germany. We buy your gold at fair prices! Do you have pieces of jewelry that you no longer wear? Coins, dental gold, bars, silverware or other objects made of precious metal? Take advantage of the high gold rate! We always buy gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals in our Bonn shop at fair, daily prices for cash. Old gold: Everything that can no longer be sold and is therefore melted down. However, every product must be examined individually. Examples: gold jewelry, dental gold, clocks or plates. Also called broken gold. Gold jewelry usually bears a stamp that shows its authenticity and gold content. For example, the 585 stamp stands for a gold content of 58.5 percent. The rest consists of admixtures of other alloy metals. We attach great importance to providing our customers with serious...

Gold prices | scrap metal prices, Bonn

Purchase price Price change Comments Updated
Gold prices
47.7 EUR /g price up Price change Anlage-Gold 2021.06.09
39.4 EUR /g price up Price change 900er Gold 2021.06.09
32.8 EUR /g price up Price change 750er Gold 2021.06.09
25.6 EUR /g price up Price change 585er Gold 2021.06.09
17 EUR /g no changes Price change Zahngold 2021.06.09
14.6 EUR /g price up Price change 333er Gold 2021.06.09

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