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Cash for scrap metal Moscow city, Scrap metal prices Russia. Scrap lead batteries purchase price, scrap aluminium price, scrap copper purchase price Russia, scrap stainless steel price, scrap brass / bronze buying price, scrap lead price. Our company LLC Marketsbyt offers the purchasing and free transport scrap of non-ferrous metals in Moscow and the Moscow region. Also, such scrap is called secondary, and after the procurement process, its subsequent processing is assumed. Today, the purchase of scrap is the main direction in the commercial activities of the Marketsbyt company. Striving to build mutually beneficial and long-term relationships with suppliers, we offer our customers comforta...

Scrap prices, Москва

Purchase price Price change Comments Updated
Scrap Aluminum price
0.732 Eur/kg. Graph Алюминий - смешанный 2020.09.28 - 11:42
Scrap Brass price
1.126 Eur/kg. Graph Стружка латунная 2020.09.28 - 11:42
Scrap St. steel price
0.372 Eur/kg. Graph Нержавейка 8% 2020.09.28 - 11:42

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