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Pramonės g. 5T
Tauragė, Lithuania
I-V 8:00-18:00 VI-VII nedirbame
[email protected]
Cash for scrap metal Lithuania, Tauragė city. We buy ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap, cars, equipment or other machinery. Scrap metal yards are located in Tauragė, Šilalė and Žygaičiai. You will receive additional income by bringing the scrap metal to the scrap metal collection point. We will buy everything: an old car battery, a disused gas stove or replaced home heating, plumbing system elements. We can transport scrap metal by our own transport. Even if you have a few hundred kilograms, we will take it from you up within the city for free. We can bring larger quantities from you. You can use the our trailer for free to deliver scrap metal. We pay non-ferrous and ferrous metal scrap, cars, equipment or other mechanisms. We can load and take with our transport. We perform cutting and demounting works. The customers can use a small trailer from the lot in order to bring their scrap.
Currency converter
Scrap aluminum prices
1.6 €/kg no changes
Price change Aliuminio Laužas - ratlankiai
0.9 €/kg price down
Price change Aliuminio laužas - variklinis
0.85 €/kg price down
Price change Aliuminio laužas įvairus
Scrap Battery prices
0.45 €/kg price up
Price change Švino akumuliatoriai
Scrap brass prices
3.25 €/kg price down
Price change Žalvario / bronzos laužas
Scrap copper prices
5.3 €/kg price down
Price change Vario laužas
0.45 €/kg no changes
Price change Starteriai
0.45 €/kg no changes
Price change Automobilių generatoriai
0.3 €/kg price down
Price change elektros varikliai
Scrap metal prices
0.194 €/kg price up
Price change Metalo laužas - skarda
0.14 €/kg no changes
Price change Automobiliai (minus 25% užterštumas)
Metalo laužas - gabaritinis
Stainless steel prices
0.6 €/kg price down
Price change Nerūdijančio plieno laužas

* - Specify prices directly with the buyer! Available inaccuracies of currency conversion.