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Cash for scrap metal in Klaipėda city, Lithuania. Scrap batteries purchase price Klaipeda. Purchase price of aluminum scrap, Purchase price of copper scrap Klaipeda. Purchase price of stainless steel scrap. Purchase price of lead. Purchase, processing, export of non-ferrous and ferrous metal scrap. Purchase of precious metals. Purchase of electrical and electronic equipment, batteries. Collection, purchase and recycling of secondary raw materials (plastic, paper and cardboard, metal packaging). Our company buys used car catalysts from companies and individuals. We buy in any quantity at the prices set at that time. The price is determined by estimating the average amount of precious metals in the catalysts collected in the territory of Lithuania. The price of catalyst scrap collected in other countries may vary. The price is determined b...

Gold prices | scrap metal prices, Klaipėda

Purchase price Price change Comments Updated
Scrap aluminum prices
0.6 Eur/kg. no changes Price change Aliuminio laužas - skarda 2021.02.15 - 10:52
Scrap brass prices
Contacts Žalvariniai radiatoriai 2021.02.15 - 10:52
Scrap copper prices
5 Eur/kg. price up Price change Vario laužas 2021.02.15 - 10:52
Scrap lead prices
Contacts Švino laužas 2021.02.15 - 10:52
Stainless steel prices
0.85 Eur/kg. no changes Price change Nerūdijančio plieno laužas 2021.02.15 - 10:52
Scrap Battery prices
0.45 Eur/kg. no changes Price change Akumuliatoriai 2021.02.15 - 10:52
Scrap metal prices
Contacts metalo laužas - gabaritas 2021.02.15 - 10:52
0.2 Eur/kg. no changes Price change Juodojo metalo laužas - skarda 2021.02.15 - 10:52

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